Saturday, January 1, 2011


Born in Osaka Prefecture. Began playing the acoustic guitar in junior high school. Dropped out from college in Osaka City and moved to Tokyo in order to pursue a career in music. While active as a singer songwriter, met guitarist Kamiguchi and formed Salley.

Kohei Kamiguchi
Born in Fukui Prefecture. In charge of guitars, composing and arranging under Salley. Formed a band in high school, which lasted for eight years until they broke up in 2009. Moved to Tokyo and met ULALA.

A high quality Japanese pop duo possessing a clear, Irish-taste rock sound with a dash of melancholy. The skilled use of both chest voice and falsetto, along with grit creates an original Western nuance rarely seen from a Japanese vocalist.
Their group name was taken from the traditional Irish song “Down by the Salley Gardens”.

They play high-quality crossover music that refuses to be confined within a single musical genre.
They will be making their long-awaited debut on May 29th.

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