AAA’s “Koioto to Amazora” Wins 1st Place For Number Of Views On YouTube

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


AAA’s new song “Koioto to Amazora” released on September 4, marked first place for most number of views in September for the Japanese music category. This is the first time for AAA to rank in first place. Number of plays per day has not declined even after hitting October, and there are even days when the number exceeds 100,000 plays.

“Koioto to Amazora” is the lead song from AAA’s eighth album, “Eight Wonder”, which was released on September 18. It is a lyrical, medium-slow tempo tune with the memorable lyrics, “sukidayo”, during the chorus.

The song is said to be “effective for love”. Along with its release, a shrine dedicated to romance, “Koioto Jinja”, was opened for a limited time only in Harajuku.

Members of AAA have expressed their joy for the feat in their numerous comments.

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