girugamesh to Perform in Macao’s Largest Rock Festival

Monday, November 11, 2013


It was recently announced that girugamesh will be performing in Macao’s largest rock festival, HUSH!! Full Band 2013.

HUSH!! Full Band, which will be held for the ninth time in 2013, is a large rock festival which features popular local Macaoan bands and invites the top bands from all throughout Asia to participate. It will take place on 11/23 at the Macao Cultural Centre, and admission is free.

girugamesh has held many performances abroad, including three in Europe, one in the US, and has participated in big rock festivals in Germany, Finland, and Sweden; however, this will be their first time playing at a rock festival in Asia.

Following their 2012 release of their single, “Zantetsuken”, they held a Taiwan release, and their new album “MONSTER” which will go on sale on 11/27 is set to be released both in Taiwan and Japan simultaneously. This is proof that girugamesh, who have up until this point released their CDs in Europe and America, are starting to gain popularity in Asia as well.

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