LITE Will Go on a Europe Tour in 2014. Their New Song Written for a TV Commercial Has Been on Air.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


LITE is going on a Europe tour for 12 shows in six countries in February 2014. This will be their fifth Europe tour and the first tour in two years. They will be performing as the headliner for all of the shows.

It also has been revealed that they wrote a song for Megane Ichiba’s TV commercial series called “Megane ni Kando wo”, on air from December 1st.
This is the first release after the previous album that came out in June, “Installation”. The new song is an urban sounding tune with catchy but technical guitar riffs and electro sound of a synthesizer.

<LITE European tour 2014>
February 4th (Tues) 2014 FRANCE, NANTES – Le Ferrailleur
February 5th (Wed) 2014 FRANCE, PARIS – Espace B
February 6th (Thurs) 2014 NEDERLAND, DEN BOSCH – W2
February 7th (Fri) 2014 BELGIUM, GENT – Charlatan
February 8th (Sat) 2014 BELGIUM, LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE – Festival La Ferme
February 9th (Sun) 2014 UK, LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club
February 10th (Mon) 2014 IRELAND, DUBLIN – Workmans Club
February 11th (Tue) 2014 UK, GLASGOW – Stereo
February 12th (Wed) 2014 UK, BIRMINGHAM – Flapper
February 13th (Thurs) 2014 UK, LEICESTER – Bishop Street Church
February 14th (Fri) 2014 DENMARK, COPENHAGEN – Jazzhouse
February 15th (Sat) 2014 UK, LONDON – Electrowerkz

4th album
Released June 5th 2013

Price: ¥2,300(tax in)
Product Number: IWTM-1005
Label: I Want The Moon
01.Starry Morning
04.Alter Ego
05.Between Us
07.Fog Up
08.Starry Night

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