DEPAPEPE Got Welcomed by 7,000 Fans in Indonesia.

Monday, December 9, 2013


DEPAPEPE has been one of the most popular Japanese instrumental artists in most Asian conuntries. The acoustic duo performed as the headliner at held on December 1st (Sun) in Jakarta Indonesia, which was organized by Indonesian university students.

DEPAPEPE’s stage drew 7,000 fans anxiously waiting for the performance to start and some of them had to stand so far from the stage that maybe it was hard to see them perform.

When DEPAPEPE hit the stage, the audience wowed to welcome the duo, almost as loud as rumbling of the earth. They hummed the melody from the intro so the fans could sing along, and the fans and the artist got to share the moment together.

Miura talked in English and Indonesian throughout the event, pleasing the fans. Even though it was a festival where the artists share the stage with other artists, the audience screamed “We want more” and the duo added unscheduled encore performance. DEPAPEPE’s performance at ended as a huge success.

DEPAPEPE is currently getting messages on their facebook and twitter from fans asking for a solo concert. Indonesia wouldn’t take their eyes and ears off of DEPAPEPE’s next move.

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