Rake, Kosuke Atari x Taiwan Trio Artist Collaboration on Movie Theme Song! Released at Local New Year’s Eve Live

Saturday, January 11, 2014


It was announced that the song Rake, Kosuke Atari, and Taiwan artists Van Fan, Suming, and Luo Meiling collaborated for “勇者的浪漫~kaze ni natte”, will be the theme song of the movie “KANO”, and it was released for the first time at the countdown event in Taiwan on December 31st.

It all started with the producer of this movie, director Wei wanting to “create in a team of mix of Japan and Taiwan like the Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry School baseball team”, and hearing the 2011 hit “1000,000 kai no `I Love You`”, offered Rake to write a song. Then he offered for the participation of Atari, an actor in “Cape No. 7” and active Taiwan artists such as his old friend Van Fan, Suming, a native Taiwan singer and songwriter, and Luo Meiling from “Seediq Bale”. This theme song “勇者的浪漫~kaze ni natte” has become an overseas special collaboration of Japan and Taiwan.

The December 31st event was a new year`s eve Live concert held at Tainan of Taiwan, and a total of 11 artists performed and about100,000 gathered to see the Live concert.

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