VELVET EDEN 1st best album [Double Twelve] on sale February 26, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014


A man of many faces, including those of an illustrator, model, and drag queen, DADA has continued to weave the perverse tale of Alice, Madame Tarantula, and a faceless fortuneteller since 1998 with the concept of “the emptiness of having no face” and “the terror of having a face.” VELVET EDEN’s first full album in 15 years is a 2-disc set loaded with 24 tracks, including compositions from their debut period through the latest releases as well as never-before-heard recordings.

Line up:
DADA (vocal)
Chro (guitar, bass)
Liliy (dancer)
Gemma (dancer)

Live schedule:
Feb 8th, 2014 Ikebukuro CYBER (Release party)


1st best album [Double Twelve]

February 8, 2014: available for pre-sale at live venues
February 26, 2014: on sale in stores
Disc number: DLVE-1
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,500yen (tax in)
Includes: 16 page booklets, 2CDs
Limit 1000 copies

Playlist [Disc 1] 01. Jungfrau Traum
02. Unhappy Birthday
03. Street of Alice2.0
04. Hanauri Musume
05. Make up Shadow
08. MAZE
09. Masquarade Alone
10. Himebara Sacrifice
11. Syoujo A

Playlist [Disc 2] 01. Unknown Spider
02. One Caress
03. Girl’s End
04. La fin
05. Paraph
06. Rouge d’noir
07. Freakshow
08. Duel d’Amour
09. Marionette Waltz
10. Witch on Flames
11. Platonic Blood
12. Confession of Mask
13. Regret

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