9nine Reveals New Song During New Ending For TV Anime “MAGI”

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


9nine’s new single “With You / With Me” will be released on March 12. The song, which will be the new ending theme song for the second season of the TV anime “MAGI”, was revealed for the first time with the anime’s new season broadcast beginning January 12.

According to Twitter and other SNS posted by fans after the anime aired, the new song “perfectly syncs with MAGI” and “displays a new side to 9nine with its new sound resembling nothing like their previous releases”.

Aside from the song being aired in the anime, the song’s ChakuUta is scheduled to be released on January 15. With the group being known for their solid dance and vocal performance, expectations rise as we wait for their music video release and live performances.

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