MAN WITH A MISSION Reveals Information On New Compilation Album “Beef Chicken Pork” And International Version EP

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In advance to their North American debut from Epic Records scheduled in the fall of 2014, MAN WITH A MISSION would be releasing their first compilation album “Beef Chicken Pork” and the international version EP “Don’t feel the distance e.p.” The band has finally revealed the cover artwork for the new releases.

The band’s first compilation album “Beef Chicken Pork” is comprised of their favorite live cover tunes including “FLY AGAIN” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. In the case of “DON’T LOSE YOURSELF”, “NEVER FXXKIN’ MIND THE RULES”, “Get Off of MY WAY”, and “distance”, an all-English lyrics version was rerecorded for the album. Just as the title suggests, the album will be packed with “main dish” quality songs. The artwork was created by one of the representative Japanese creators, Central67. The 20-page booklet includes plenty of pictures of the members that were shot overseas.

The EP “Don’t feel the distance e.p.” will contain four tracks: “FLY AGAIN”, the aforementioned English versions of “distance and “Get Of of MY WAY”, and a remix of “distance”. It will be released through the American indie label, RED Distribution.

The band is also set to release their third domestic release album “Tales of Purefly” on March 12. Furthermore, they are scheduled to begin their Japanese tour on March 24.

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