Dream Of a Butterfly In DIV’s “BUTTERFLY DREAMER”

Friday, February 7, 2014


DIV, who will be releasing two singles simultaneously on February 26, has revealed a short version music video of one of the singles, “BUTTERFLY DREAMER”

“BUTTERFLY DREAMER” is a straightforward rock tune featuring DIV’s signature, heavy, band sound; however, much experimentation is incorporated including the use of scratch sounds. The lyrics depict modern society through the filter of Zuangzi’s “The Butterfly Dream” as theme.

Although it’s obvious from the SPOT video that has been released that it would be a stylish piece, a lot of symbolism has been revealed to be present in the short ver. music video that was released this time. Motifs such as a red chain-link fence and a mask will appear and intertwine with the lyrics sung by vocalist CHISA creating a feeling of transcendence beyond the realm of the real and the dream.

“BUTTERFLY DREAMER” Music Video Short Ver.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9SZznkI7MA

Official Website: http://div-official.com/
Chisa: http://twitter.com/div_chisa
Shogo: http://twitter.com/div_shogo
Chobi: http://twitter.com/div_chobi
Satoshi: http://twitter.com/div_satoshi

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