BiS Releases Music Video For “primal.2” Starring HISASHI (GLAY)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The music video for “primal.2” off of BiS’ last original album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” (release on March 5) has been released.

The song is a sequel to one of BiS’ representative songs, “primal.”, produced by Kenta Matsukuma (SCRAMBLES). With the fact that HISHASHI (GLAY) complimented “primal.” on Twitter at the time of its release, he has been chosen to make a guest appearance with his guitar works on the new song.

The cameraman shot the music video alone in a “love hotel” (hotels for couples) with members of BiS and ordinary girls, one at a time. It reflects the reality of ordinary girls in Tokyo in their twenties.

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