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[HAPPY] is a group of young creative musicians that comes from Ayabe City, an area of forested hills and green rice fields, two hours north of Kyoto City.
In 2012, four friends from school days came together to form the band – Alec (g. & v.), Ric (sin. & v.), Syu (b.g. & sin.), and Bob (ds. & v.). Later, Chew (g. & syn.) stepped in. The average age of the group is 20.
2013 has been a big year for the group. It has been on the road playing in local clubs and nightspots, and at large events, as well. Not only was it chosen to perform at Summer Sonic 2013, one of the two large rock festivals held in Japan each summer, but it also played together with the British group PALMA VIOLETS in a joint concert in Tokyo. Recently, with plans being made to include the group on the Japan tour of THE FLAMING LIPS, [HAPPY] is becoming a big topic of conversation within Japan’s music world.

Official Website: http://happyofficial.com/artist_info/biography.php
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ABANDHAPPY
Twitter: http://twitter.com/A_Band_HAPPY

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