LinQ, Advertise “Hakata Amao” with Fukuoka Prefecture Governor at First Taiwan Live

Thursday, February 27, 2014


The Idol group LinQ based in Fukuoka, participated in an advertising event of “Hakata Amao” in Taiwan and held a Live. The “Hakata Amao” is a well-known strawberry breed of Fukuoka and has celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and the advertisement was held to increase exports to Taiwan.

The event was held in Taipei on the 8th of February and in Hsinchu on the 9th. The event on the 9th was held at the department store entrance along the large street with many pedestrians, at the Taipei Zhongxiao (台北忠孝) main building of “Pacific Sogo” in Taipei.

The setlist with many of LinQ`s representative songs attracted and heated those who gathered in front of “Pacific Sogo” Taipei Zhongxiao main building increasing its numbers, and at the end about 500 audience surrounded them as they held their Live. Ending with the popular song “Shining Star”, the LinQ members showed their appreciation, and with that a great round of applause rose. The site was filled with smiles and the LinQ`s activity purpose of becoming the “Bridge for Smiles” seems to be fulfilled.

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