First Tour Around Japan for Cheeky Parade, Final Performance Unexpectedly at NY

Thursday, March 13, 2014


The idol group Cheeky Parade, who has always been declaring their dream of being more than just an idol group but become the No.1 in the universe, has announced their performance in New York.

This was announced at the two year anniversary of formation event 【Cheeky Parade 2nd Anniversary Live 2014】, held in Tokyo Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Media Plus Hall. They announced on the stage, the kick off the group`s first tour around the country, 【NINE LIVES TOUR~ROAD TO NY~】from the Two Days performance of Sendai in April, and surprisingly the final performance will be in New York. They announced It is planned to be in October, but the details are yet to be given, planned to be released at the One Man Live concert in Shinagawa Stellar Ball of Tokyo on March 22nd.

Oct. 10th (Fri.) ~ 13th (Mon.) New York Broadway, USA
Note: Details – T.B.A.

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