Saturday, January 1, 2011


SIAM SHADE is a five-piece rock band that formed in May 1993 with HIDEKI (Eiki/vocals) and NATCHIN (bass) at the center. They were gathering a buzz since their indie days and made their major debut with “Rain” in October 1995. Thereafter, they continued to sell out “one-man lives” (concert with no opening act). They gained popularity with their solid, energetic rock and continued to venture into heavier, more powerful rock. However, SIAM SHADE disbanded in March 2002 after their Nippon Budokan concert. Since then, they have temporarily reunited to play at a memorial for their former manager and at the 2011 East Japan earthquake benefit concert.

Eiki (vocals), KAZUMA (guitar), DAITA (guitar), NATCHIN (bass), and ATSUSHI (drums) are now solo artists and are contributing to other artists’ live shows and recordings.

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