Fukuhara Kaori And RAB

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Fukuhara Kaori and RAB is a six piece group formed by a voice actress and geeks. Gekidan Hitori produced their debut in 2012. The voice actress, Kaori Fukuhara is known for her emotional voice and RAB, meaning “Real Akiba Boys” known for its acrobatic break dancing.

Their performance and the combination of a voice actress and geeks has been favored by core fans.

Official Website: http://avex.jp/FandRAB/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FukuharaKaoriAndRAB
Twitter(Staff): http://twitter.com/FandRAB_STAFF
Twitter(Kaori Fukuhara): http://twitter.com/FukuharaKaori
Twitter(Dragon): http://twitter.com/drag_on_dragon
Twitter(Keitan): http://twitter.com/rabkeitan
Twitter(Atsuki Suzumiya): http://twitter.com/atsuki_suzumiya
Twitter(Maron): http://twitter.com/rabkuri
Twitter(Muratomi): http://twitter.com/lala969688

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