Saturday, January 1, 2011


HoneyWorks is a creator duo formed by “Gom”, a famous singer on “Nico Nico Video”, who made more than total of 23million hits, and “shito” on bass. Their music is called “Kyun Kyun-kei” or “Seishun-kei”, sounding like a positive pop-rock.

The members are mostly Gom on vocal and as a composer, shito as composer, and Yamako as the illustrator and videographer. Also Oji plays guitar on most of the songs and Rokoru does most of the illustration.

Official Website: http://honeyworks.jp/
Blog(Gom): http://ameblo.jp/gom-blog/
Blog(shito): http://ameblo.jp/shito-stereo/
Blog(Yamako): http://ameblo.jp/yamako2626/
Twitter(Gom): http://twitter.com/_Gom_
Twitter(shito): http://twitter.com/shito_stereo
Twitter(Yamako): http://twitter.com/yamako2626

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