Saturday, January 1, 2011

BUSAIKU is a spin-off group from an idol group ”Kis-My-Ft2”, and is formed by Wataru Yokoo, Toshiya Miyata , Takashi Nikaido, and Kento Senga. They made a debut with a single “Tanakara Botamochi” produced by Masahiro Nakai from their senior group “SMAP” on December 13th 2013..

They are known for the self-pitying lyrics for being the goofy guys in the idol group saying “Are we OK? We are not as shiny as others”.

The group name “BUSAIKU (ugly)” is named by Nakai Masahito and the Chinese Character for the name is picked by the group CEO Kitagawa Johnny.

Official Website: http://avex.jp/kismyft2/index.html
Jonny’s: http://avex.jp/kismyft2/index.php

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