SCREW Byo (Vo) To Appear As Model On “CIVARIZE” Catalogue For 4th Time

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


SCREW’s Byo (Vo) will be making his fourth model appearance on the 2014, spring/summer catalogue of “CIVARIZE”, a popular brand amongst 109MEN’s.

Just like the time before, Byo would be featured on the cover of the catalogue with fellow label-mate band ViViD’s iv (B). They will appear wearing the new items from the spring/summer lines of “CIVARIZE”, where Byo would be featured as “black style” and iv would be featured as “white style”. The catalogue would be available for free at all shops carrying “CIVARIZE” products starting March 21.

SCREW, who will be celebrating their 8th anniversary since the band formed, has released the music video for the new single “FUGLY”. The video features the band performing at a live music club in Tokyo. With fans participating in the shooting, it is just like watching a real live performance. Keep your eyes on Byo, who has transformed himself into a voluptuous drag queen.

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