Artwork for SCANDAL’s New Single, “Departure”

Thursday, April 10, 2014


As previously announced, SCANDAL will release their new single, “Departure,” on April 23. They have now released the single’s cover artwork.

The image of four members standing in front of a blank wall in the artist photos is also striking.

“Departure,” produced by Seiji Kameda, is a perfect song for the season when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom. It depicts the idea of fighting to move forward just one step at a time. The CD jacket features the members wearing the same clothing as in the artist photos, and it has a feeling of a collage of their everyday lives. It is as though you can catch a glimpse of the members’ open expressions as they pass a day in spring.

On March 3 for just one day, SCANDAL made available a studio live video of “Departure.” March 3 is a profoundly important day for SCANDAL, both the date of SCANDAL’s indie debut and the day that they were able to achieve their dream of performing at Osaka-jo Hall. Following the limited-time release of the video, they received an increasing amount of comments from fans that were excited about the release. The song also garnered a lot of attention for reaching number one on the USEN HIT J-POP ranking before the release of the CD had even been decided.

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