TarO&JirO represent Japan at Hong Kong music festival

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


TarO&JirO played Hong Kong Asia Pop Music Festival (HKAMF2014) at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC) on March 28, 2014.

The Hong Kong Record Association hosted an event that promoted the theme of “Music One Asia”. New artists were selected to represent Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea in a performance competition.

TarO&JirO, the sibling guitar rock duo, who made their major debut in December 2013, were selected to represent Japan. Before their debut, the two played all over the world, mainly in Europe. They conquered countless festivals and played their second Asian show in Jakarta, Indonesia at the end of 2013. They couldn’t contain their excitement.

The festival started slightly later than scheduled. Local favorite and veteran singer, Yeung Miriam, performed two songs to kick off the concert. After the MC, TarO&JirO played as the first foreign act.

A music video started playing on a big screen at the center of the stage. As the duo started playing the intro to their hit song, “Snake Bite/Silent Silen”, the vibe of the venue changed. A thick, percussive rock sound created by acoustic guitars started to fill the venue that floated in the Hong Kong Ocean. 8000 spectators, from their teens to their fifties, shouted as they were captivated by the performance.

Unfortunately, TarO&JirO did not win the competition, but they did receive praise from their fellow performers. They left a lasting impression as they were greeted with, “Good performance!” by the other acts.

The duo will release their second mini-album, “OVNI”, on Wednesday, April 23. On May 10, they will play at music festival in Brighton, a suburb outside of London, England. On April 25, they will play and Shinkiba, Tokyo.

Official site:http://tarojiro.com/

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