BUCK-TICK, Re-Broadcast “THE DAY IN QUESTION 2013 Koriyama Performance” on Nico-Live & New Single PV Release for First Time

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The re-broadcast of “BUCK-TICK『THE DAY IN QUESTION Koriyama Performance』Nico-Live Exclusive Broadcast” broadcasted on Niconico Live on January 24th was announced! Also during the same program the PV of new single “Keijijo Ryusei”, going to be released on May 14th will be shown for the first time, and the new information about the new album “Aruiwa Anarchy” will also be available.

Re-Broadcast “THE DAY IN QUESTION 2013 Koriyama Performance” Details
Date: April 28th (Fri.) 7:00 PM~ 9:30 PM
Program Viewing Page URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv176309234
Full PV of NEW SINGLE “Keijijo Ryusei” will be released on May 14th shown at the end of program! Also, songs recorded in new album “Aruiwa Anarchy” will be released in June 4th , will also be announced!

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