MUCC reveal a teaser video and artwork for their new single, “ENDER ENDER”

Thursday, May 1, 2014


MUCC, whose concert project is currently ongoing, revealed a teaser video and artwork for their new single, “ENDER ENDER”.

“ENDER ENDER” will be released on May 28, and the new album that features the single, “THE END OF THE WORLD”, will be released on June 25. The teaser video is just a portion of the full video that paints an industrial atmosphere along with a “LOUD” sound.

The “ENDER ENDER” album cover was also revealed. Ryoji Oya (Z&Z Inc.), who has worked with Kenichi Asai and Elephant KASHIMASHI, designed the artwork. It follows the style of the “HALO” and “World’s End” covers, which he also designed for the band, but also projects a mysterious quality.

People who purchase “ENDER ENDER” at Tower Records will receive a special “original poster” as a present. There is a limited a supply of these posters, so pick yours up as soon as possible.


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