girugämesh’s 10th Anniversary Commemoration Tour Sees Great Success: “And On To the Next Decade”

Friday, May 16, 2014


The final performance for girugämesh’s first national tour in two years, , took place at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO on April 29. A sea of fans gathered to celebrate the band’s 10th birthday on this rainy day.

All shows for < girugämesh 2014 tour “MONSTER”> took place with an opening act in place. This day featured the up-and-coming visual key band DEZERT. The band showing not the least bit of hesitance opening for the great band, passed on the baton to the main act on a high note with their astonishingly high-voltage performance.

After preparing the stage set for the main act, a pumped up girugämesh appeared on stage ready to bring the tour home. Right off the bat, as the audience cheered in excitement, the band quickly kicks things off with “Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe”, one of the fans’ live favorites. The song seamlessly flows into “Drain”, the metal-core tune from their newest original full-length album “MONSTER”, quickly bringing the show to one of its climaxes.

Their virtuosic instrumentation skills and engaging performance is the true badge of a veteran who has done it all. Satoshi’s improved vocalization on “Suiren”, which came at around the halfway mark of the show, drew in the crowd’s attention. With holding live shows with many loud rock bands in recent days, their destructive performances have been the focus of most attention nowadays; however, their ability to express delicate melody lines is one of their most lethal weapons. Their skillfulness in expressing both extremes is what has earned them much critical acclaim worldwide.

The latter half of the show saw of barrage of relentless brute. Kicking things off with “Shadan”, one of the tracks off of the band’s early masterpieces “13’s reborn”, they bombarded the stage with one masterpiece after another. The band come together on “Live is Life” to create a strong sound, as if to say that “live really is their life”. Followed by the killer tune “Never ending story”, they continue to sprint, not giving any time for the fans to breathe. The main portion of the show came to a moving close with “evolution”, which elicited an enormous sing-along.

After coming back for the encore, Satoshi surprised the fans with the announcement of national tour beginning in autumn and the release of a new EP. The crowd cheered loudly in joy to this great surprise. The band brought the tour to a close with one of their representative songs, “Break Down”, with relentless power.

girugämesh will now open a new chapter in their book, “and to the next decade”, with their European tour beginning on May 24, as their first step.

girugamesh 2014 Europe tour “MONSTER”
May 24 (Sat) Moscow Hall (Moscow, Russia)
May 25 (Sun) Zal Ozhidaniya (St Petersburg, Russia)
May 27 (Tue) Szene (Vienna, Austria)
May 28 (Wed) Club 202 (Budapest, Hungary)
May 30 (Fri) Backstage (Munich, Germany)
May 31 (Sat) Colos-Saal (Aschaffenburg, Germany)
June 1 (Sun) Divan du Monde (Paris, France)
June 3 (Tue) Ninkasi Kao (Lyon, France)
June 5 (Thur))Proxima (Warsaw, Poland)
June 6 (Fri) Zeche Carl (Essen, Germany)
June 7 (Sat) LIDO (Berlin, Germany)
June 9 (Mon) O2 Academy Inslington (London, UK)
June 11 (Tue) Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland)

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