X JAPAN Releases the Digital Version of Their World-wide Best Album, Before the Physical CD Release Date, Including “Without You”, a Song Written for HIDE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


X JAPAN celebrates the 25th anniversary of their major debut in 1989. To celebrate this anniversary, they finally announced the worldwide release of their first long-awaited best album!

Furthermore, before the CD release on June 17th (Tue), digital version of “X JAPAN WORLD BEST”, including different content from that of physical CD version, will be available on iTunes®Store from May 21st (Wed) in 111 countries around the world!!

THE WORLD~X JAPAN Hatsuno Sekai Best~
Release Date :2014.6.17(Tue)
First Limited Deluxe BOX (2CD+1DVD+60Photobook)
Product ID: WPZL-30826/8 Regular Version (2CD)
Product ID:WPCL-11780/1

(CD1) First Limited Edition/Regular Version Include
1.Silent Jealousy (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
2.Rusty Nail (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
3.SCARS (Lyrics/Music:HIDE Arrangement:X JAPAN)
4.ENDLESS RAIN(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
5.WEEK END(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
6.Kurenai(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
7.Forever Love(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
8.DAHLIA(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
9.X(THE LAST LIVE~Saigo no Yoru~ LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics:Hitomi Shiratori Music:X)
10.Without you(LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics/Music/ Arrangement:YOSHIKI)

(CD2) First Limited Edition/Regular Version Include
1.ART OF LIFE(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
Music:Arranged by YOSHIKI

(DVD)Only First Limited Edition Includes Exclusive Trailer of X JAPAN World Tour Live 2009, 2010 & 2011

(Photo book) Only in First Limited Edition Deluxe 60P!!X JAPAN World Tour Selection 2009, 2010 & 2011

Release Date:2014.5.21(Wed)

1.Rusty Nail (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
2.SCARS (Lyrics/Music:HIDE Arrangement:X JAPAN)
3.Forever Love(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
4.DAHLIA(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
5.X(THE LAST LIVE~Saigo no Yoru~ LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics:Hitomi Shiratori Music:X)
6. Without you(LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics/Music/ Arrangement:YOSHIKI)
7.ART OF LIFE(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
Music:Arranged by YOSHIKI

YOSHIKI Classical World Tour Info “YOSHIKI CLASSICAL WORLD TOUR 2014” Part 1
April 25th United States
April 28th United States
May 3rd Mexico
May 21th Russia
May 23rd Germany
May 26th France
May 29th United Kingdom
June 6th China
June 8th China
June 10th Thailand
June 13th Taiwan
June 16th Japan
June 17th Japan

Official Website: http://www.xjapanmusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XJapan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/xjapanofficial
Google+: https://plus.google.com/114456011706841066067/about
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/XJAPANpodcast

Official Website: http://www.yoshiki.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yoshikiofficial
Twitter: http://twitter.com/yoshikiofficial
LINE: @yoshiki

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