Starmarie’s Philippines show “BOA SUMMER LIVE” was a huge success. Recruiting new members

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The idol unit, Starmarie, performed in New York at in March. They also just performed as a guest act at “BOA SUMMER LIVE” in Manila, Philippines.

is an event held by the anime convention in the Philippines. Starmarie has already played the event in September of 2013, so 500 fans packed the show this time around.

Starmarie played seven songs, including their lead track, “MITSUBOSHI Restaurant Paul KARA NO SHŌTAIJŌ”. They captivated the hearts of overseas anime fans with a set list that contained a cover of SIAM SHADE’s “1/3 NO JUNJONA KANJO” (ending theme song to Rurouni Kenshin).

After the show, the group held an autograph session and sold merchandise. They also handed out toys to children and did some charity activities for the victims of the typhoon that devastated Leyte Island in November of 2013.

Starmarie is scheduled to perform at in Odaiba, Tokyo in August. The group is also recruiting new members.

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