Another Great success of JAPAN NIGHT 2nd Day “JAPAN to the World”

Friday, May 30, 2014


The epic first day of “SAYONARA NATIONAL OLYMPIC STADIUM – FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, the final music event at National Olympic Stadium, ended as a great success on May 28th. And for the 2nd day, under the concept of “Introducing Japanese music to the world”, total of four internationally active bands including SEKAI NO OWARI, Perfume, MAN WITH A MISSION, and L’Arc-en-Ciel performed.


Opening act was MAN WITH A MISSION. They literally roared with aggressive guitar sound, bringing the energy in the venue to the maximum from the intro. The view of all audience waving their hands from left to right was spectacular. MAN WITH A MISSION’s lyric is mainly written in English but their music goes beyond the linguistic boundaries and sinks straight into the audience’s hearts. The closing tune was “Emotions”, a melodious tune with dramatic lyric that sings about a strong will to fly into the future. MAN WITH A MISSION created massive heat waves for the night.


Following MAN WITH A MISSION, SEKAI NO OWARI came on the stage. Their gorgeously orchestrated arrangement over the easy-listening melody made the audience sway to their songs. FUKASE walks to both ends of the runway, singing the lyrics to the audience while Nakajin played the guitar on the edge of the runway, bringing joy to audience’ faces. As LED stick light decorated the venue, SEKAI NO OWARI let all the people at National Olympic Stadium share the same moment together. Bubble soap on the closing tune was one of the most fantastic moments of the night.


The third act was Perfume. The light on the screens framed the figure of the three girls, and the stick lights synched to the beat. The stage performance by project mapping mesmerized the eyes of all press from over 20 countries. “Welcome to Perfume World” opened their show at the National Olympic Stadium.

Following two band acts, their techno pop sound changed the air in the stadium. The three large screens on the stage, and their dance synched to the visual effects on “Chocolate Disco”, and made the 60 thousand people dance and sing together, turning the stadium into a disco.


The closing tune from Perfume was “Polyrhtyhm” leaving the stage for the final act L’Arc~en~Ciel. The Press seemed impressed by their cute but cool stage presence.

L’Arc~en~Ciel closed the stage of “JAPAN NIGHT” shared with 13 acts for 2 days that represent Japanese music scene. The fast tempo first tune “CHASE” made the audience all stand up as vocalist hyde agitated the crowd over Ken’s heavy guitar riffs and yukihiro’s steady and sharp beats.

“I think such an open view will no longer be here. Hope you all remember this and take back this memory home. I won’t stand on this stage again. To thank this stadium and to hope for the reborn future, I’ll play this song.” said hyde, starting the last rune “MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM”.

The mirror balls on the stage decorated the magical night, while the rainbow colored balloons filled up the night sky. L’Arc~en~Ciel played their heart out for 60 thousand people, and after the nine songs, fireworks filled the sky, closing “JAPAN NIGHT” with numerous shared memories.

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