Masaharu Fukuyama, Finished Dome Tour of 500,000! Next Step Asia

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There were a total of 14 performances in 6 venues around the country, and attracted about 500,000 fans during this tour. In the final performance, attracted about 40,000 fans, and enjoyed Fukuyama’s performance.

Fukuyama appeared in a solemn opening sound effect, and with a thundering applause, the venue’s excitement rose to its peak point. Fukuyama first moved to the center stage in the arena area and sung an a cappella “Beautiful life”, fascinating the audience.

He announced he will sing songs not only from the new album “HUMAN” but also hit songs both new and old. He sung his appreciation for his fans, singing “Sakurazaka” under a pale pink lighting and performed “MELODY” and “Ikiteru Ikiteku”. Also when performing a song recorded in “HUMAN”, the imagination image of the song, and convey the songs world view by sight.

Fukuyama ended his domestic tour, and from June he will start his first Asia tour “FUKUYAMA MASAHARU WE’RE BROS. TOUR 2014in ASIA”.


June 7th (Sat.) 2014 Taipei Arena, TAIWAN
June 14th (Sat.) 2014 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 5 (B-C), HONG KONG
June 15th (Sun.) 2014Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 5 (B-C), HONG KONG

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