[Live Report] Funky Kato, “Giving cheers of support is my strong point.” – “JAPAN NIGHT” Day 1

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The first day of the final musical event at the National Olympic Stadium, “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Gyogijou FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT,” entitled “Yell for Japan,” was held on May 28. We would like to bring you a report of Funky Kato’s performance.

After a message from music director Seiji Kameda, saying, “Let’s all say thank you and goodbye to the National Olympic Stadium” and “Can we sing a ‘Yell for Japan’?” in the fading light of the evening, the second performer Funky Kato took the stage. He exchanged a firm handshake with Kameda. After an MC during which he asked, “Are you all ready to get excited?” the intro to “Ato Hitotsu” began to play. The audience immediately became excited.

The audience began to move their arms in unison. During the chorus, the audience began to sing along. It is a message song about how to become optimistic about living, and as the National Olympic Stadium began to grow cool, Funky Kato heated up the venue with his performance.

“I’ve only sung supporters’ songs, and giving cheers of support is my strong point.”

Funky Kato then began the song “Kagayake,” which he just released on May 14. People began to move glow sticks through the air in the audience like a giant wave. Each time they waved the glow sticks, they changed color, a fantastical image as though the stands were filled with the light of the souls of the audience members. It felt as though Funky Kato gave the audience strength and energy through his performance.

At the end, Funky Kato collapsed onto the stage. It was a performance that caused great excitement among the crowd.

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