[Live Report] Kazuyoshi Saito At Japan’s National Stadium For the Last Time: “This is Kazuyoshi Saito” –“JAPAN NIGHT” Day 1

Thursday, June 12, 2014


“Yell for Japan”, first day of the last music event held at Japan’s National Stadium “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Kyougijo FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, was held on May 28. We will be reporting on Kazuyoshi Saito’s live stage.

The second half of “Yell for Japan” has already started. The audience is fully warmed up and sprinting towards the end of the event when Kazuyoshi Saito makes his appearance.

With a guitar in his arms, Saito kicks off his stage with the memorable intro to “Yasashiku Naritai”. With the aura of a veteran emanating from his body, he delivers a firm message with his voice. The crowd is lit in red with penlight. The lyrics, “yasashiku naritai” (translation: I want to be kind), strikes the heart of the audience, especially at such an age when there is constant tension amongst people.

“So many people. How do all the sticks that you’re all holding change colors at the same time?”

All burst out laughing to this question. After seeing the colors change upon request, he realizes that the colors are being remotely controlled.

After swapping to an electric guitar, he begins to play “Aruite Kaerou”, one of Saito’s signature sounds with a danceable beat and deep-yet-comical lyrics. The sight of Saito playing and singing freely is full of comfort and bliss. The audience rock their bodies from right to left with smiles on their faces.

“See ya”

Saito waves his hands and leaves casually, such a typical Kazuyoshi Saito performance.

Official Website: http://www.kazuyoshi-saito.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saitokazuyoshi
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kazuyoshisaitoch

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