Doburock “Moshikashite Dakedo” English Version will be released worldwide.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Doburock’s new single “Moshikashite Dakedo – Maybe,,,Yes I’m sure” will be released worldwide and the press conference was held on June 17th in Tokyo.

Originally titled “Moshikashite Dakedo”, the new single has been translated into English version “Moshikashite Dakedo – Maybe,,,Yes I’m sure”. Also another single “Yatteha Ikenai” will be released from Teichiku entertainment on June 18th. The English version is now available on iTunes. The press conference was aimed for international market and was streamed online, and the female interpreter interpreted Doburock and the host , Kawata from Ni Ranger’s talk word by word.

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