Gacharic Spin

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This year makes Gachanic Spin’s 7th anniversary. This entertaining enthusiastic girls band was formed by F Chopper Koga (Ba), Hana (Vo.Dr), TOMO=ZO(Gt), Oreoreona (Vo. Key), Mai (Performer No.1) and Nenne (Performer No.3).
They have over 100 shows a year, also the guitarist, the bassist and the drummer release technic DVDs on each instrument.
Last year, their song was an ending theme for CX anime “Dragonball Kai”. Their Zepp Tokyo solo show was sold out.
 They not only perform in Japan but also are active overseas. They are unstoppable.
Currently “Shaki Shaki Shite!!” is featured on House Wellness Foods “Megashaki “ commercial.

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