Shoko Nakagawa plays Hong Kong three years in a row. “AOZORA Days” sing-along in Cantonese

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Shoko Nakagawa played at Music Zone E-max at Kowloon center on July 30. This was her third year in a row playing in Hong Kong. She performed a total of 18 songs, including new songs, and excited the Hong Kong fans.

Nakagawa performed her hit song, “SAKASAMA SEKAI”, and her new single, “KIRAKIRA-go-round”, along with others tunes in a virtually non-stop set. The crowd went wild when she performed four Kohei Tanaka songs, including “JOJO~SONOCHINO UNMEI~” and “We Are!”, in an anime song medley.

For the encore, Nakagawa performed “EIYU KOJI”, the theme song to Jackie Chan’s “Police Story/Hong Kong International Police”. She struck a pose while she sang passionately. She ended her set with a Cantonese version of “AOZORA Days” as the fans joined in a huge sing-along.

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