J Music LAB comes to Jakarta, Indonesia again!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Vol.1 event to be held at University of Indonesia “Gelar Jepang” in August

For one month from November 15 last year, RIAJ spearheaded “J-Music LAB”, promotional activities for Japanese music, which ended with huge success in Jakarta, Indonesia. To further build on last year’s success and strengthen our business, we will continue expanding overseas with a focus on Indonesia this year.

First, we will participate in “Gelar Jepang”, a student organized Japanese festival held on the campus of University of Indonesia. We will be present with a booth and we will also hold J-Music LAB preliminary activities.

At the booth, we will be promoting ‘J-Music LAB’, a separate event planned for the city of Jakarta in the latter half of this year, and providing information on Japanese artists.

In addition to the booth, we will also hold “J-Music LAB in Gelar Jepang”, a special outdoor concert, on the final day. Japanese artiste Yun*chi will be will be giving us a performance upon an invitation by the students.

The overview of the events for this project is as follows.

Project Outline
Held at “Gelar Jepang” festival in the University of Indonesia
[Event] J-Music LAB in Gelar Jepang
[Organizer] Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)
[Period] August 22nd (Fri) – August 24th (Sun) 2014
[Location] University of Indonesia, “Gelar Jepang”
[Performing Artist] Yun*chi (to perform from 8pm August 24, at “Gelar Jepang” special outdoor concert)
[Official Site] Event Gelar Jepang: http://www.gelarjepangui.com
J-Music LAB (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/jmusiclab

Scheduled appearing artist, Yun*chi’s comment
“Hi everyone, it’s Yun*chi. I will visit Jakarta for the first time in August and I’ll be sharing with everyone abroad the Indonesian version of Waon*. I’m looking forward to singing the song together with everyone!”

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