Harukatomiyuki, Okan, SISTERJET Attending From Japan the New Fes. Being Held in Taiwan

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

StreetVoice Park Park Carnival

A new Taiwan street music carnival “StreetVoice Park Park Carnival” has been created by Taiwan music site, “StreetVoice” will be held on August 30th (Sat.) and 31st (Sun.) at Taipei Expo Park(圓山広場).

Three groups from Japan, Harukatomiyuki, Okan, and SISTERJET will be attending this event.

“StreetVoice Park Park Carnival” is a street music carnival where artists of over 120 groups from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan come and continue performing in a relay form. Over 50 vehicles of different styles will be at the park, and more than 100 brand shops, food stores, and free markets will be opened.

StreetVoice Park Park Carnival
Site:台北花博公園(圓山広場)104 Taiwan Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Yumen Street No.1
Official Website: http://parkpark.streetvoice.com/

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