immi, Release from Germany

Friday, August 29, 2014


immi was featured in the single of Lissat, Vottaxx, Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels released from the major German Label, Great Stuff Recordings.

Immi is a female artist who attracted attention during the rise of electro-scene with the break of Perfume in 2007, and her major debut was from DefSTAR Records in 2009. Her single “Sign of Love” was used for the opening of Noitamina anime “Saraiya Goyo” of Fuji TV.

Her recent activities are to create the more dance oriented music and making trucks for TVCMs, in a different name. She participated in this piece as a featuring guest, and this will be her first release in four years in the name of immi, the last being the album “Spiral” The new song released is a cover song of “Joe Le Taxi”, the debut song of Vanessa Paradis in 1987. immi’s unique voice flows along with the techno-sound by Lissat, Voltaxx, Andrey Exx &Hot Hotels, made up of popular European producers. New songs by immi are said to be also prepared or release from the Great Stuff Recordings.


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