Mai Kuraki’s Taiwan concert is a big hit

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mai Kuraki

Mai Kuraki performed in Taiwan on Sunday, August 24. She specifically requested to play this show, which was her first time in Taiwan in five years.

Kuraki just finished a live house tour on August 10. Live house “Legacy Taipei” was booked as this concert’s venue to uphold that sense of unity that live houses provide. Tickets to the show sold out in a mere two minutes, and the media rushed to cover Kuraki’s huge popularity in Taiwan.

Kuraki performed along side popular young artist, A-FU, just for this Taiwan show. A-FU was into Kuraki’s music before she even became a singer. She is also proactive in volunteer social work. The two sang together on “STAND BY YOU”, which Kuraki wrote when inspired by her volunteer work in Cambodia.

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