Yun*chi plays in Indonesia in front of 15,000 people

Monday, September 8, 2014


Yun*chi performed at , which was held at University of Indonesia, Jakarta from August 22 to 24.

Yun*chi headlined the event on the 24th and played to 15,000 people. The crowd chanted as she came on stage and performed “TENSHI NO YUBIKIRI”. She went on to sing “Reverb*” and “Shake You*” to the screaming fans. Yun*chi then greeted the crowd in Indonesian.

Yun*chi continued and performed “Starlight*”, “Perfect Days*”, and “Fuzzy*” off of her July 2 release. She told the audience to raise their hands during “Your Song*”, the ending theme to “Log Horizon” season one. 15,000 people all raised their hands in unison and sang along in excitement.

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