Frederic confirms a Ustream broadcast for their major debut

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Frederic will celebrate their major debut on Wednesday, September 24 with the release of their mini-album, “Oddloop”. They will celebrate their major debut with a live broadcast on Ustream.

The commentator duties for “Frederic Debut Mini-Album ‘Oddloop’ Special Ustream” will be handled by Atsushi Shikano, who has been following the band since their audition at the first MASH A&R. The band will talk about their thoughts towards their long-awaited major debut. In addition, Koji Mihara (bass), who writes all the music and lyrics, designs the merchandise, and oversees the visual aspects of the music videos, will show animation that was based on his own artwork. This will to promote the music video for “NINGYO NO HANASHI”. They will also answer yes/no questions from the viewers via Twitter.

“Frederic Debut Mini-Album ‘Oddloop’ Special Ustream” program overview
Date & time: September 24 (Wednesday) 9:30pm

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