Distribution of Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra and THE ORAL CIGARETTES On New TV Program HIP LAND MUSIC

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


A new TV program of HIP LAND MUSIC “Yoru no bucchi Studio” will start on Ustream on September 17th (Wed.) 9:00 PM.The “Yoru no bucchi Studio” is a new TV program by HIP LAND MUSIC, the office which artists such as Sakanakushon, avengers in sci-fi, KANA-BOON belongs to, and the Label LITE, Kidori Kidori, and Predawn belonogs to. The program will distribute information of artists related to the company. In the first broadcast, images of the July one-man Live of THE ORAL CIGARETTES and trial sound and Live images of Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra’s cover album “Tokyo Bugiugi”, was released.

The 2nd distribution of “Yoru no bucchi Studi” is scheduled for October 21st (Tues.) 9:00 PM, and the guest performance of avengers in sci-fi and Live image distribution is planned.

Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/butchstudio

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