To the world. SEKAI NO OWARI and Owl City together on “TOKYO”

Thursday, October 16, 2014


SEKAI NO OWARI is featured on Owl City’s new song, “TOKYO feat. SEKAI NO OWARI”.

This collaboration came about when SEKAI NO OWARI, who are Owl City fans, reached out and requested a collaboration. Owl City was impressed with SEKAI NO OWARI’s work and agreed. They decided to collaborate on “TOKYO”, which Owl City already started production on. The song features the use of a Taisho harp that SEKAI NO OWARI gave Owl City as a gift.

“TOKYO feat. SEKAI NO OWARI” will be released worldwide as the band starts their worldwide activity. Owl City is in the process of producing a new SEKAI NO OWARI song called “Mr. Heartache”.

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