w-inds’ Hong Kong tour finale was a success

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


w-inds held their tour finale at Hong Kong Kitec – Star Hall on October 4 to screaming local fans.

w-inds’ popularity in Hong Kong can be seen in their IFPI Hong Kong best sales awards (Japan/Korea category) for all 10 of their releases from their 2004’s “bestracks” to 2012’s “MOVE LIKE THIS”. An award ceremony was held at CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL on October 3 (Saturday), the day before the show.

Many of the local press gathered for the awards ceremony where the three members of w-inds received a large shield. The concert promoter then gave the three members wrist watches to commemorate the new album, “Timeless”. The members took photos during the group and individual interviews. They also asked the interviewers about Cantonese phrases they can use during their concert.

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