Passepied’s “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM”, English version out to the world

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Passipied’s new release, “MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM e.p” will be released in Japan and overseas on October 22.

“MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM e.p” is an EP of English versions of “MATATABISTEP”, “TORYANSE”, “Tokyo City•Underground” and “MEISO” off of their latest release, “MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM”. It also contains a remix of “MATATABISTEP” by beat maker Seiho. Seiho appeared at Passepied’s “INSHO C” Osaka show, and also works in a unit called Sugar’s Campaign. There is a lot to look forward to with Passepied’s overseas activities.

The English version of “Tokyo City • Underground” is currently on YouTube. The remix for the English version of “MATABISTEP” can be heard on Seiho’s Soundcloud page.

Passepied – Tokyo City Underground (English ver.):

Official Website:

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