MAN WITH A MISSION announce all shows for their release tour and reveal aurora borealis album cover

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


MAN WITH A MISSION played the tour finale of their five-year anniversary tour, titled <5YEARS 5WOLVES 3SHOWS TOUR>, at Shibuya eggman on January 29.

The wolf pack wanted to make this tour about “playing ‘one-man’ shows at venues that helped us out when we first started out.” This memorial tour finale was held at Shibuya eggman, where the band played their first ever “one-man” show on July 3, 2011.

The show started with “Seven Deadly Sins”, which is scheduled for release on February 11. The rest of the set worked backwards four years in time. For their double encore, they played “WELCOME TO THE NEWWORLD”, the title track off their very first release in 2010.

The impressive song order was as if it was dedicated to the venue staff and the 350 fans that miraculously got their hands on tickets.

MWAM also announced all shows for their upcoming spring release tour, titled “Seven Deadly Sins Tour 2015”. The tour will consist of two shows in each of the seven cities, totaling 14 shows.

It will be a live house tour starting at Zepp Tokyo and is sure to be a grand experience. Flyers for priority ticket reservations will be including in “Seven Deadly Sins”, which goes on sale on February 11.

The second half of the documentary for the “Seven Deadly Sins” album cover photo shoot and the cover for the regular edition were revealed on this day as well.

The photo shoot took place in Whitehorse, Canada, and the documentary reveals that the band went there to witness the aurora borealis.

The limited edition “Wolf On A Dog Sled” album cover has already been revealed to the public, but the regular edition cover will feature TOKYO TANAKA (vocals) with the aurora borealis in the background.

The cover is sure to make an impact just as the limited edition “Wolf On A Dog Sled” cover did by seeming to hint at the concept of “The Origin of Species”.

Each member of MAN WITH A MISSION has appeared alone on each of the band’s past singles. Spear Rib (drums) was on 2011’s “Trick or Treat e.p.”, DJ Santa Monica (DJ, sampling) was on “distance”, Kamikaze Boy (bass, backing vocals) was on “Emotions”, and Jean-Ken Johnny (guitar, vocals, raps) was on the October 2013 single “database.









New Single “Seven Deadly Sins”

Released on 2015/2/11
M1:Seven Deadly Sins (TV anime opening theme)
M3:Falling (Shiseido “The collagen” CF song)

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