Perfume’s “SXSW” performance on YouTube for limited time

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The opening of Perfume’s “SXSW” performance on March 17 (local time) was released on YouTube.

Perfume were the headlining act for the last day of the “SXSW Interactive” stage. They started their performance with the unreleased “STORY (SXSW-MIX)”, which they prepared specifically for this show. The performance involved the members moving semi-transparent screens bigger than themselves around while images reflected off of them.

SXSW Asia Rep uploaded the live stream of “STORY SXSW-MIX)”. In the middle of the video, the three are seen performing in a Virtual CG live house in real time. The unusual camerawork and imagery shocked the audience.

Official website
Official global website

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