Yoshiki’s Prediction “Humans will Compete Against AI’s compositions”.

Friday, April 10, 2015


“New Economy Summit 2015” was held by Japan Association of New Economy on April 8th (Wed).

Along with notable names from different industries including George Roberts (KK & Co. L.P. Co-founder, CEO), Drew Houston (Dropbox Co-Founder, CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle Corporation CEO, CTO), Shinya Yamanaka (a Noble Prize Winner for Stem Cell Research at Kyoto University Institute of Science and Technology), Yoshiki joined the conference as a guest speaker.

Yoshiki played on the piano “Anniversary”, a song to celebrate the Emperor’s 10th anniversary, alluring the economic gurus.

He introduced John Ruth (former US ambassador) as a good friend of his, and they discussed “The global competition”.

During the discussion, Yoshiki said that the music market’s future is in the hand of streaming business and urged that ISP (Internet service Provider)’s profit should come fairly to content holder, representing the artists’ point of view.

He also mentioned IOT, and predicted by 2045, humans will compete against AI (Artificial Intelligence)’s compositions.

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