JAPAN NIGHT in Taipei Proved the Popularity of Japanese bands!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


JAPAN NIGHT in Taipei was held at National Taiwan University Sports Center on May 23rd 2015 (Sat).

This marks the second international show for JAPAN NIGHT project and the bands entertained 3500 audience gathered at the venue despite the poring rain. VAMPS and The BONEZ led by JESSE have performed in Taiwan before, but this was the first stage in Taiwan for GazettE.



The show went on as long as three and a half hours and each band’s enthusiastic performance was welcomed by the local fans with as much as energy, making JAPAN NIGHT in Taipei a historical night.



Following Indonesia show, this music festival, organized to introduce Japanese music to international market, became another cornerstone , leaving great impression on the local fans.

JAPAN NIGHT will go to London on July 10th (Fri) and 11th (Sat).

July 10, 2015 (Fri)
Performing artists: VAMPS, [Alexandros], OKAMOTO’S
Venue: indigo at The O2
Doors open 18:00 / show starts 19:00
· Floor Arena (standing): £30.00
· Kings Row – front seat: £50.00
· Balcony – rear seat: £30.00
· Balcony Standing – rear (standing): £25.00
Ticket release date
April 10 (Friday) London time 9:00 (pm Japan time 17 00 minutes) –
[Inquiries] http://www.robomagiclive.com

July 11, 2015 (Sat)
Performing artists: VAMPS, [Alexandros], Ling Tosite Sigure
Venue: indigo at The O2
Doors open 18:00 / show starts 19:00
· Floor Arena (standing): £ 30.00
· Kings Row stand front seat: £ 50.00
· Balcony stand behind seat: £ 30.00
· Balcony Standing stand behind (standing): £ 25.00
Tickets Release Date
April 10 (Friday) 9:00 London time (Japan time 17:00)
[Inquiries] http://www.robomagiclive.com


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