Saturday, January 1, 2011


YURERU is originally formed by Ami(Vocal/Guitar) and Yuta Sakae(Bass) from Amami Island and later on, when Bauchi(Drums) from Kyoto joined the band, they started performing in Osaka.
In December 2011, they released their first nationally distributed album “mutilations”.
In October 2012, Second EP, “Distractions” was released.
In October 2013, First Solo show was held at JAM Shinjuku in Tokyo.2
In March 2014, “BLUE ALBUM” by ”Smile Company” released the remaster version of “mutilations” called “mutilations+”.
In May 2014, the remaster version of the second EP, “Distractions” was released as “distractions+”.
In June 2014, their ling-awaited 3rd EP XENOtransplantations” got released.

Official Website: http://yureru.net/

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