Tracklist & artist photo for INORAN’s 10th album “BEAUTIFUL NOW” revealed! This evening, 2 songs from the album will be aired for the first time on InterFM!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


INORAN’s long-awaited 10th full album “BEAUTIFUL NOW” is finally completed. Track title for all ten tracks has been revealed.

What makes this extrordinarily special is the collaboration with K-POP artist BTOB in the fourth track [2Limes featuring MINHYUK,PENIEL and ILHOON from BTOB].

Today, July 21 (T) 6:00 PM, INORAN will make a live appearance on InterFM “The Dave Fromm Show” which is hosted by close friends Dave Fromm and Joe Yokomizo. Lead track “Beautiful Now” and the all known cover song of hide’s “Pink Spider” will be aired for the first time ever.

One month till the album release date. Why not make this first to be aired song become the first element of fun of this summer.

M1 Beautiful Now
M2 might never see, might never reach
M3 Awaking in myself
M4 2Lime s featuring MINHYUK,PENIEL and ILHOON from BTOB
M5 Fading Memory
M6 Lullaby of Winds
M7 Something about you
M8 Hold on
M9 Pink Spider
M10 All We Are

Comments from BTOB
It was an honor to have been featured on “2Limes”. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Japanese artists so this is like a dream come true. When I first heard about our collaboration, I checked with our manager over and over again : ) I was very nervous to join the big star INORAN’s song, but there was a sense of excitement as well. When listening to the finalized mix, I felt the sexiness and energy of an adult. [BTOB ILHOON]

Mr. INORAN, thank you so much for choosing us. When I first heard the completed track, I could only say “This is cool!” Something starts to fire up from within! It’s fabulous! I want to listen to it at a show! Infact, please let us join your show ; ) We’ll be there if you call us! [BTOB Minhyuk]

Thank you so much for allowing us to collaborate with you! I’ve listened to the track and feel the depth and true musicology a veteran musician has harvested in the years. This track has become an anniversary track for me. [BTOB Peniel]


9/3(Thu) Tokyo Kineme Club -NO NAME? MEMBERS’ LIMITED LIVE-
9/6(Sun) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
9/8(Tue) Hiroshima Namiki Junction
9/9(Wed) Umeda CLUB QUA TTRO
9/12(Sat) Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
9/13(Sun) Kanazawa AZ
9/16(Wed) Kobe VARIT.
9/18(Fri) Kyoto Takutaku
9/19(Sat) Nagoya BOTTOM LINE
9/21(Mon) Sapporo cube garden
9/23(Wed) Sendai darwin
9/24(Thu) Kooriyam Hip Shot Japan
9/26(Sat) Mito LIGHT HOUSE
9/29(Tue) Tokyo EX THEATER ROPPONGI -B-DAY LIVE CODE 929/2015-

2015/8/26(Wed) On Sale
First Limited Edition :
CD + DVD + Photo Booklet
ICS-93257 5,926yen (+tax)
CD : 10 Tracks Included
DVD : “Beautiful Now” MV
Photo Booklet : Gorgeous Phonebook over 100P
Standard Edition :
KICS-3257 3,241yen (+tax)
CD : 10 Tracks Included

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