Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ryohei is a Japanese R&B singer who first debuted as Yamamoto Ryohei under Warner Music Japan. He is best known for his collaborations with m-flo under that name. In 2006, he shortened his name to Ryohei and transferred to rhythm zone label.
He debuted as “Ryohei Yamamoto” under Warner Music Japan on 2003 with single “Almost There”. Prior to that, on November 2002, he was featured on a track “Why Not?” by Fantastic Plastic Machine. In 2006 he shortened his name to just “Ryohei” (written in Romanized letters) and transferred to the label Rhythm Zone.
He is known for his collaborations with m-flo, being featured on tracks such as “miss you” and “Summer Time Love”.
Ryohei is one of the most popular artists on I-tunes Japan with his latest single ‘So Fly’ reaching #1.

Official Website: http://rhythmzone.net/ryohei/index.html

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